Kids Crèche

Don't let your little ones stop you from working out. Book your child into our Kids Club which offers the best environment, fun activities and completely safe place for your children. Booking & Prepaid Cards are essential.


9am – 12pm


New parents/carers must fill out an Enrolment Form on their first visit before leaving their child in the care of the carer.
By signing the form, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of the childminding facility.
If you book your child in and staff hasn’t received payment within the time frame given, your booking may be voided.


Only children between the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years old can use our childminding service.


Each session is up to 1.5 hours
-Casual Visit $7 per child

-Pre-paid Card at $100 for 24 visits (save $20)
If you have not arranged a card yet, please contact reception on (02) 9601 6972 during staffed hours.


To book your child into the Crèche, use the booking calendar on this page.


Please read the Terms & Conditions below before booking your child into the Crèche or ask a Staff member.

• The Parent/Carer must sign their child in and out each time they visit the centre.
• Childminding is NOT available without booking.
• Time limit is capped at 1.5hrs
• Parents/carers are not to leave the premises while the child is in the Crèche.
• Parents/carers will be called to the Crèche if their child:
– needs to go to the bathroom
– needs a nappy change
– if the child is crying excessively or
– is placing others at risk.
• No food is allowed in the Crèche due to allergies.
• Parents/carers are not to bring in a child if they are unwell or sick.
• Any lost or damaged property brought into the Crèche is at the owner’s risk.